VUME Upper Mantle of the Earth



Isostasy is a term used in geology to refer to the state of gravitational equilibrium between the earth's lithosphere and asthenosphere such that the tectonic plates "float" at an elevation which depends on their thickness and density. Isostasy provides an important 'view' of the processes that are actually happening into the Earth’s upper mantle. On a geological scale, isostasy can be observed where the Earth's strong lithosphere exerts stress on the weaker asthenosphere which, over geological time flows laterally such that the load of the lithosphere is accommodated by height adjustments. Isostasy Crustal Motion

Isostatic Models. Isostatic Rebound. Isostatic Evidences
Isostatic Effects of Deposition and Erosion. Isostatic Effects of Plate Tectonics. Isostatic Effects of Ice-Sheets
Isostatic Rates. Ongoing Glacioisostatic Recovery. Depression Beyond the Ice Margin