VUME Upper Mantle of the Earth

Heat Flow Maps.

Heat Flow Maps show color-coded contours of the global distribution of heat flow at the surface of the Earth's crust. The estimates are based on empirically determined characteristic values for the heat flux in various geological and tectonic settings. Observations of the oceanic heat flux have been corrected for heat loss by hydrothermal circulation through the oceanic crust. The global data set so assembled was then subjected to a spherical harmonic analysis. The global heat flow map is a representation of the heat flow to spherical harmonic degree and order 12.

Geothermal Energy Maps.

US Geothermal Resource Maps.
National Geophysical Data Center's (NGDC) Virtual Map of Thermal Springs - This virtual map, created as an experiment in web-based mapping, attempts to locate geothermal hot springs in the United States. You will need a high-speed connection to access this map.