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Geothermal modeling.

Geothermal modeling software is designed for use by geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineers, geological engineers, and soil scientists. The software is able to calculate geothermal gradients and the movement of freezing fronts in saturated and unsaturated soils and allows analyzing steady-state or transient thermal conduction and convection models:
- 1D, 2D and 3D solutions handle any type of modeling problem;
- Model both conductive and convective heat flux, in frozen or unfrozen conditions;
- Climatic coupling brings the power of seepage modeling to geothermal problems;
- Fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement;
- Simple and powerful user interface allows rapid creation of effective models;
- Easily generate 3D models from 2D cross-sections, or slice 3D models into 2D cross-sections;
- Model customization through a powerful math scripting interface;
User defined soil properties define the latent heat released or absorbed during the ice-water phase change. Geothermal modeling software is being used by universities and consultants around the world.

Geothermal Projects.

Global geothermal development is being driven in part by a number of regional institutions which, in addition to financing geothermal projects, are enhancing regional cooperation within an emerging renewable energy sector.
US Geothermal Projects and Resource Areas.
Below you will see the US map showing where the direct use projects are located. This is a clickable map where you can find information concerning each direct use site. Just click on a state to get information for that state or click on the Direct Use icons at the bottom to get a listing of all the projects for that direct use.

US Geothermal
Projects and Resource Areas map
Space Heating District Heating Industrial Greenhouse Aquaculture Spas and Pools Agricultural Drying Snowmelting Power Plant Washington Idaho Oregon Nevada Hawaii Alaska Utah California Arizona New Mexico Texas Colorado Wyoming Montana South Dakota Arkansas Georgia Virginia/West Virginia New York
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